Follow-Up Webinar on Guam Common Core

CRT-TA and Transition Specialist “walk-through” the “live binder” website during the webinar. (L-R) Janice Almoguera, Norine Guzman, Portia Topasna, and Ron Gogo.
Guam CEDDERS Consultant Mary Schillinger (shown on TV) facilitates the three-hour webinar on December 6.

As a follow-up to the August 2017 on-site training on the Common Core and the Special Education Student, Guam CEDDERS Consultant Mary Schillinger conducted a three-hour webinar on December 6 with 15 Guam Division of Special Education Consulting Resource Teachers – Technical Assistance (CRT-TA) and Transition Specialists.  The purpose for the webinar was to continue strengthening the supports provided to schools for students with disabilities to have access to the general education curriculum aligned to the Common Core State Standards.  The session served as a refresher on the Common Core, with facilitated practice on developing Common Core aligned Individualized Education Program goals.  In addition, the session provided a review of the resources available on the “live binder” website, which is intended to be a resource for ongoing support to the schools.