Guam Early Intervention System (GEIS) State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP) and Professional Development Training

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Elaine Eclavea, Guam CEDDERS Early Childhood Consultant, conducted the Guam Early Intervention System (GEIS) State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP) and Professional Development Training to GEIS staff on August 16.  Service Providers and Service Coordinators participated in the full-day training which focused on the Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Plans, Evidence-Based Practices, and Early Childhood Coaching.

Guam CEDDERS Early Childhood Consultant Elaine Eclavea (standing) interacts with the GEIS service coordinators and providers during the Early Childhood Coaching portion of the training.

GDOE’s Continuous Improvement Road Map for Improving Reading Achievement

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Chief Brodie Memorial Elementary School 1st grade teachers practice administering the aimswebPlus Early Literacy measures.
Capt. H.B. Price Elementary, 1st grade teacher and aimswebPlus trainer, Leilani Mesa (standing) assists participants in using the aimswebPlus assessment system.
(L-R) First grade teachers from M.U. Lujan Elementary, Bertha Torres and Ursula Umadhay, observe fellow colleagues as they practice administering the aimwebPlus.
J.M. Guerrero kindergarten teacher and aimswebPlus trainer Kasuandra Penaflor (standing) guides participants as they practice navigating the aimswebPlus online portal.

Palau Updates State-Wide Assessment Guidelines

Community Services: Training

Guam CEDDERS Training Associate, Josephine Cruz, and Guam CEDDERS consultant June Quitugua, provided on-site working sessions with the Ministry of Education (MOE) in Palau centered on updating the guidelines for the use of state-wide and alternate assessments with students with disabilities.  The sessions were held from July 10-12 at the Special Education office in Koror, Palau. Twenty-four participants comprised of Special Education teachers, General Education teachers, principals, curriculum specialists, as well as the MOE’s Chief of the Division of Research & Evaluation, Wilhelm Rechelluul, attended the 3-day sessions.

Front L-R: Tsungiko Renguul, Special Education teacher; Jocelyn Maldangesang, Special Education Specialist; Hilda Kenzio, English Specialist; Larry Rdiall, Special Education teacher; Sarah Rubario, Special Education teacher; Yvonne Ruluked, General Education teacher; Cheryl Adachi, General Education teacher; Mayleen Ngiriou, Principal, Koror Elementary School (KES); Middle L-R: Wilhelm Rechelluul, Chief, Division of Reseach & Evaluation; Nora Renguul, Special Education Coordinator; Josephine Cruz, Guam CEDDERS Training Associate; Gwendolyn Rengiil, Special Education Specialist; Bruce Melairei, General Education teacher; Lyliza Madris, Assessment Specialist Back L-R: Wicliff Emul, Principal, GBH; Lucia Tebelual, Principal, MES; Symth Rdang, Principal, PHS; Atanacia Ubedei, KES Special Education teacher; Hadson Ngirakesau, General Education teacher; Clarinda Worswick, General Education Teacher; Hadleen Medalarak, Math Specialist. Not pictured: June Quitugua,Guam CEDDERS consultant.
Participants are hard at work reading an article. Seated, front L-R: Symth Rdang, Principal-Palau High School (PHS); Jocelyn Maldangesang, Special Education Specialist; Seated, back L-R: Hadson Ngirakesau, PHS General Education teacher; Wicliff Emul, Principal, George B. Harris Elementary School (GBH), and Virginia Kuterbis, GBH Special Education teacher.
Participants in training from L-R: Gwendolyn Rengiil, Special Education Specialist; Clarinda Worswick, GBH General Education Teacher; Tsungkiko Renguul, Meyuns Elementary School (MES) Special Education teacher; and Nora Renguul, Special Education Coordinator.

Guam and CNMI Early Childhood Providers and Parents Engage in ASD Training

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Dr. Giacomo Vivanti from the A.J. Drexel Autism Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, begins his session on ASD on Guam, April 22.
On April 22, Yolanda Gabriel, Assistant Superintendent, Guam Division of Special Education, gave opening remarks to set the stage for the Guam training sessions.
On April 22, GDOE School Program Consultant, Cathy Tydingco (standing), discussed supports for students and families with ASD with the Department of Public Health and Social Services, Bisita and Karinu program providers.
On April 23, Guam participants discuss “What does it look like?” in regards to the current early childhood services and supports for young children with ASD.
On April 24, Dr. Vivanti discusses with parents on Guam the research on evidence-based practices for young children with ASD in inclusive preschool programs.
On April 25, parents and family members from the CNMI listen attentively to Dr. Vivanti as he talks about the strategies and interventions provided during the parent session held on Saipan.
On April 26, CNMI, FSM, and Palau participants take a group photo with Dr. Vivanti.
On April 26, Dr. Vivanti (seated in the center) takes a group photo with representatives from CNMI, Guam CEDDERS, and the delegation from FSM and Palau who traveled to Saipan for the training. (seated L-R) Robin Palacios, CNMI Early Intervention Program Director; Kim Arnold, FSM- Pohnpei State Parent; Dr. Vivanti; Ansina Kony, FSM-Chuuk State Special Education (SpEd) Coordinator; Nora Renguul, Palau SpEd Coordinator. (standing first row L-R) Dr. Josephine Cruz, Guam CEDDERS Training Associate; Elaine Eclavea, Guam CEDDERS Consultant; Francesca Morei-Misech, Palau Parents Empowered Executive Director; Nora Pangelinan, CNMI Data Management and Compliance Program Manager; Arthur Albert, FSM National Education Assistant Secretary; Beverly Nakamura, FSM-Chuuk State SpEd Teacher; June De Leon, Guam CEDDERS Associate Director. (standing back row L-R) John Bugulrow, FSM-Yap State SpEd Coordinator; Eris Wichep, FSM-Pohnpei SpEd Related Service Specialist.

Service Providers Complete Positive Solutions for Families Training

CEDDERS CORE Community Services: Training Department of Public Health & Social Services
April 4, 2019: Vera Blaz, Guam CEDDERS Training Associate, facilitated training using the Center for Social and Emotional Foundations in Early Learning – Positive Solutions for Families Module for service providers from the Department of Public Health and Social Services Karinu and Manelu, Inc. Micronesian Resource Center One Stop Shop (MRCOSS). The modules, which were recently modified to ensure cultural appropriateness, include six sessions on how to deal with challenging behaviors with young children.

Parent Leadership Facilitates Training Meeting

Community Services: Training Guam Early Hearing Detection & Intervention
November 3, 2018: Guam’s Positive Parents Together, Inc. (GPPT) Project Fitme Coordinator Susan Dugan facilitated an “Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) training session at the Hagatna Library for parents of children identified with a hearing loss. Parents received an overview of the IFSP process.
Pictured Left to Right: Jay-Lynn Mendiola, parent; Susan Dugan, GPPT Project Fitme Project Coordinator; Evelyn Topasna, Parent Mentor; and Trisha Suzuki, Parent Mentor. Not pictured: Ashley Babauta, GPPT Project Fitme Support Staff.

Guam State Rehabilitation Council General Membership Meeting

Community Services: Training Guam Systems for Assistive Technology
Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio provides input on the SRC’s Policies / Standard Operating Procedures during the SRC General Membership Meeting on September 20, 2018.
On September 20, 2019, the Guam State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) held their General Membership Meeting at the Guam System for Assistive Technology (GSAT) Conference Room. Amendments to the Policies/ Standard Operating Procedures, Resolutions and SRC Contractual Needs were discussed. In attendance were (Sitting L-R) Benito Servino, DISID Director; Leah Abelon, SRC Outreach Committee Chairperson; Lourdes Ann Mesa, SRC Chairperson; Rodney Calimlim, Member; second row L-R: Gina Arca, Member; Marie Libria, Disability Advocacy Group Representative; Barbara Johnson, Member; Marie Leon Guerrero, Member; Carol Darlow, Parent Training and Information Center Representative; Conchita San Nicolas Taitano, Member; Therese Matanane, Member; third row L-R: Eddy Reyes, SRC Treasurer; Peter Barcinas, SRC Secretary; Sam Ilesugam, Services Committee Vice Chair; and Tim Murphy, State Independent Living Council Representative. The Guam State Rehabilitation Council provides clients of the Division of Vocation Rehabilitation with a mechanism to influence the direction of rehabilitation programs in Guam at the systemic policy level. During the meeting, Conchita Taitano and Gina Arca were sworn in by Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio as new members of the SRC.

LTSAE: Tips and Tools for Monitoring and Tracking Children’s Early Development Training for Headstart Family Advocates

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On June 22, Jenika Ballesta, Guam CEDDERS Research Associate (seated left), facilitated training on “Learn the Signs. Act Early,” for Headstart Family Advocates. The “Learn the Signs. Act Early” Program aims to improve early identification of autism and other developmental disabilities in children to enable families to access needed services and supports. Not shown in picture: Vera Blaz, Guam CEDDERS Training Associate.