First Group of Educating Pacific Island Clinicians in Speech (EPICS) Scholars Complete Externship in San José, CA

EPICS Interdisciplinary Pre-Service Preparation

August 3, 2019: As part of the requirements in their graduate program in speech language pathology at San José State University, nine Guam-based EPICS scholars completed their externship at various sites in the San José, California area. The second cohort of 10 scholars will be placed in an externship in the same area next summer.

EPICS Scholars John Payne, Lilly Reyes, and Lisa Eclavea were placed at the Learn Speech Therapy Clinic in Gilroy, California. Shown with their Externship Supervisors are (L-R): John Payne; Lily Reyes; Dawn Hansen, CCC-SLP; Lisa Eclavea; and Lynzy Melzer, CCC-SLP.
Asha Advani, EPICS Scholars recently completed her externship at the Rite Care Childhood Language Center in San José, California as part of the Educating Pacific Island Clinicians in Speech (EPICS) Project requirements. Shown in this photo are (L-R): Rachel Sense, CCC-SLP and Karen Wong, CCC-SLP, Externship Practicum Supervisors, and Asha Advani.
Cassandra Dimla, EPICS Scholar, (right) completed her externship at the Integrated Intervention for Children with Autism Clinic in San José, CA. At right is Tayler Kina, CCC-SLP, her Externship Supervisor.
Aileen Serrano, EPICS Scholars, (Left) is shown here with
Uduak Osom, CCC-SLP, her Externship Supervisor at the Innovative Therapy Services Clinic in Santa Clara, CA.

Not shown:  Christina Coles, EPICS Scholar and Externship Supervisor Nadia Naval, CCC-SLP at the Innovative Therapy Services Clinic and Dianne Supida, EPCIS Scholar and Nikki Sedaghat, CCC-SLP, her Externship Supervisor at Integrated Intervention for Children with Autism Clinic.

Farewell Luncheon Held for EPICS Scholars Completing Externship

EPICS Interdisciplinary Pre-Service Preparation
July 21, 2019:  Guam EPICS Scholars currently completing their externships in San José, California were treated to a farewell luncheon by their San José State University professors. The externships began on June 10 and will end on August 2.Attending the event were (Seated L-R):  Dr. Carol Zepecki, Scholars Aileen Serrano, Bobbie Obillo, John Payne, Lisa Eclavea, Jasmin Advani, and Lilly Reyes.
Standing (L-R):  Dr. Jean Jackson, Dr. Donald Weddington, Gary Cramptoni, and Dr. Gloria Weddington. Scholars not shown:  Dianne Sapido, Cassandra Dimla, and Christina Coles.

EPICS Scholars Earn Practicum Hours

EPICS Interdisciplinary Pre-Service Preparation
The EPICS Project is a personnel preparation project funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs, and awarded to San José State University (SJSU) in collaboration with Guam CEDDERS. EPICS Scholars are currently focusing on earning practicum hours at various placement sites including the Guam Department of Education’s Extended School Year Program, Guam Regional Medical City, and Guam Memorial Hospital.  A group of nine scholars from Guam are currently completing an externship at various placement sites in the San José State University (SJSU) area.  The seven remaining scholars from Guam are also working on earning hours while on island this summer. 
July 8, 2019: (L-R) Kathy Ruszala, a scholar from the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) who is in the Educating Pacific Island Clinicians in Speech Pathology (EPICS) Project and Terrie Fejarang, Guam CEDDERS EPICS Consultant, met to discuss Kathy’s progress in her practicum experience.
July 8, 2019: (L-R): Ignacio dela Cruz, Tricia Taitano, and Kathy Ruszala, CNMI Scholars are currently in Guam in practicum placements at in the Summer Extended School Year Program at Guam Department of Education. They are also earning practicum hours at Guam Regional Medical Center and Guam Memorial Hospital.

Guam State Rehabilitation Council General Membership Meeting

Developmental Disabilities Guam Systems for Assistive Technology
June 20, 2019: The Guam State Rehabilitation Council held their quarterly General Membership meeting at the GSAT, House 19 to discuss and vote on amendments to policies, and updates from the standing committees. Former SRC Treasurer, Eddy Reyes also conducted a presentation on GovGuam Procurement Policy Regarding Employment for Individuals with Disabilities.

Vision Students Visit GSAT

Community Services: Demonstration Services Developmental Disabilities Guam Systems for Assistive Technology
June 19, 2019: As part of the Guam Department of Education Vision Program – Extended School Year, Vision Instructor, Darlene Taimanglo and 8 students who are blind participated in a guided tour the Guam System for Assistive Technology Demonstration Center and Model Home to learn about AT for vision that provides support to daily living. The students range from 8 and 18 years.

Guam State Rehabilitation Council Swearing In Ceremony

Developmental Disabilities Guam Systems for Assistive Technology
June 18, 2019: GSAT’s Center Coordinator Leah Abelon was appointed and sworn in as Community Rehabilitation Program Service Provider of the State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) at the Governor’s Office in Adelup, for a term of three years. The SRC’s purpose, in partnership with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR), is to review, analyze, and advise regarding the DVR Program.

Assistive Technology and Accessibility Training at DISID

Community Services: Technical Assistance Continuing Education Developmental Disabilities Guam Systems for Assistive Technology
June 10, 2019: GSAT Center Coordinator Leah Abelon conducted training on the usage of a TDD/TTY, a telecommunication device for the Deaf, and creating accessible documents. Training participants included staff from the Guam Department of Integrated Services for Individuals with Disabilities (DISID) Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and Division of Social Services.